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There are plenty myths going around regarding eating habits. Some of these originate away back when food was scarce or expensive, and snacking came with a price. Others are tales passed from grandmother to mother to daughter without any real scientific basis. Here are some of these that might not necessarily be inaccurate weight loss tips, but they are definitely myths.

Bad Weight Loss Tips: No Snacking!

How often have you heard that? In fact, one of our top weight loss tips is to ignore these things your mom told you when you were little. Ignore what you might even hear today from your mother – even if you are grown up! Your mom might not be the best person to give you weight loss tips. Here's why.

Many people believe that snacking between meals is bad for your weight. In fact, the truth might well be the exact opposite! When your blood sugar starts getting low, you tend to feel hungry and a quick snack might do you good. It gets your blood sugar back up; you feel energetic again and can start to burn off the calories you have just eaten.

If you ignore that and wait for the next meal then, a) you may feel lethargic, get lazy and reduce your calorie usage, and b) feel so hungry at dinner time that you eat all you can before you body tells you 'enough.' You are more likely to gain weight than lose it if you ignore the need for a mid-afternoon snack! Nuts, vegetable dips, and energy bar and yoghurt are good snacks that will keep you trim.

Eat it Fast – You'll be Late

If you have to rush breakfast so as not to be late for the train, bus or your work, then get up earlier! By rushing food, you may fill yourself too full because your body has no time to give you the 'full' signal. This comes from the brain once it registers the presence of certain metabolites that indicate you have eaten enough for your energy needs. Ignore that and the excess food is stored as fat. If you are told to 'Eat up quickly or you'll be late' then ignore it. Leave what's left and have a mid-morning snack.

Clear Your Plate!

Never insist your kids should clear their plate if they say they have had enough – and the same applies to you. As explained above, your body tells you when you have had enough, and eating more simply stores the excess as fat. Keep the rest for later – or even give it to the cat, dog or birds! That's better for you than needlessly stuffing yourself.

Substitute Sweets for Food

This is where snacking can be a bad thing. Never give your children sweets as a treat for being good. Not only will they expect it next time, but their body will associate food with treats and being good. Even worse is to give them a pudding or a sweet if they fail to eat their veg. They will grow up believing veg is optional, and they can get sweet foods by refusing the healthy foods. If you absolutely must reward your children then give then some fruit or a yoghurt. If they refuse their main meal, then don't give them the dessert. Your kids will eventually get the message. Yacon syrup - the best substitute for sugar, can treat candida and is good for diabetes.

Eating Before Exercising is Bad for You

You won't feel like exercise right after dinner, but there is nothing wrong with a meal about a half-hour beforehand. It will give you the energy you need, particularly if you eat fruit or an energy bar. Eating before exercise is not intrinsically bad – your body will tell you if you should wait a while.

Genuine weight loss tips offer you positive advice. However, many myths such as these can affect your weight. If not immediately then certainly later in life.